FINA Points Calculator

To use the tool select the FINA time standard and Distance/Stroke of the swimmer. Then enter either the time or the points and click the calculate button to determine the time required or points achieved.

Yards calculations use a conversion factor to estimate the 25 meters equivalent times for the calculations. The resulting times are the time required to be swum in the selected pool length.

FINA Time Standard



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Sorry, you do not have permission to right click. Minutes Seconds Hundredths Seconds must be less than 60 Please enter only numbers in the field. Please enter a value greater than or equal to 0 in the 5000m Free base times are only available for 2008 50m Estimate only Yards conversion. FINA points base times are only available for meters ie Yards points are not officially recognized. This tool provides an estimation as a guide only. When you select 25yds, the entered time is converted to the equivalent 25m time and this time is used to determine the FINA points. A 100 IM race can not occur in a 50m pool